3years old can it be IBS or bloked bowels help in pain

I have a 3 year old that has not passed a poo properly for 3 weeks tomorrow he In pain every time urge comes on he had lactalous and surpositrys and still blood and hard to push and pain I don't know what to do can u have IBS at this age me and his dad both suffer with it help so needed feel useless for him

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  • He needs to go back to the doctors.

  • Thank u I was going to take him as the bits he has have not worked still finding hard to go toilet

  • I'd take him up to the hospital straight away to get him sorted out asap.

  • As both you and your husband also have troubles I might suggest you look at the food your family eats to see if you can adjust it to help your digestive problems.

  • It probably food or medication that both of you has taken and for the baby you should call the doctor to see if they can come to check the baby if not as jimtom says take him straight to the hospital.

  • Off to the doctor with you and explain your symtoms too

    Presume you've had a colonoscooy to determine your diagnosis

  • Agree. Needs further attention, stronger medicine

  • You've had some good replies already. For a three year old to have such a problem has to be down to the FOOD in the family. Coca Cola is a definite no, no even more so if it claims not to have sugar. White bread is a no, no. Check out your diets.

    When I was a child if I hadn't done much for 24 hours I was given a dose of Syrup of Figs, it worked wonders.

    Don't let it rest, you must deal with it immediately, it's serious.

    Good luck, Tibbly

  • I agree with the other posts. At 3 years of age take him to hospital or Doctor straight away.

  • Do go and see your doctor and get this checked out. 3 weeks is a long time for a toddler.

    It may well be related to teething (increased saliva production), in which case you can only try to give him/her more to drink to compensate.


  • Thanks every one I have again taken him back been given movicol to try and get him regular change of diet and back again in 10 days for check up just hope the pain stops i want to take the pain away for him x

  • Did they X-ray him to insure he doesn't have blockage? That can be very serious. Keep pushing till you get answers

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