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IBS +vegetative dystonia

Hi, I know IBS quite well about 4 years + vegetative dystonia. A lot of simptoms is coming and going, the last one is salivation time to time, lump feeling in throut, these feeling is coming and going, but still making me afraid of something serious. Doctor proscribed me Constella 290mg. Firs time it starts with diarea. Now I am trying 1/4 of 290mg. Lets see. But really I am very tired od everything. I lost my life hapiness, my energy, postive attitude...

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The lumpy feeling in your throat is probably due to reflux, ask the dr to prescribe for it.

Also see if you can pinpoint a certain food which causes it. A food diary often helps people identify which is the culprit, but it does take time as we dont eat the same things daily and the initial trigger can cause ongoing reaction for days sometimes. For me its fatty food.

Let him know how you are feeling, it might be good to have bloods done including thyroid, b12 and vit d.

If you have other symptoms it would be good to list them and how often they happen.

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