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I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone can off a bit of help and support.

I am 24 years old and I have been a sufferer with IBS since I was around 6 years of age. I have recently been back to see my doctor as my symptoms are getting worse by the day. I am having blood tests done to rule out any other conditions, but my doctor thinks I just have severe IBS.

I am struggling on what to do to control my symptoms. Normally I have been able to manage them well and I have been okay with the foods I eat. I only eat the things I know will not trigger an attack. However, over the past 6 months my symptoms have got a lot worse. I am having attacks first thing in the morning, while I am at work, even in the middle of the night. I have tried to change my diet and cut out all fatty foods, I have changed the things I drink during the day, I have changed my lifestyle and I have even started walking with my dogs more to get some more exercise. Nothing seems to be happening.

I take buscopan (which my doctor recommended) when I was younger, but they don't seem to be working anymore.

I am running out of things that can prevent attacks because they are having a massive effect on my day to day life. Especially at work when I am having to spend 40% of my day in the bathroom.

If anyone has any hints, tips or advice on things I can do to prevent attacks, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

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Hi LazzaBeep

I truly have sympathy for you it must be horrendous for you especially at work. I can't offer you any definite advice but I did read that red grapes can help with IBS there is suppose to have something in the skin that can help settle it down. I was reading that this guy done this in his food diet and it cleared it up. Maybe if you google it you might come up with something. I have ulcerated colitis and I have bought red grapes so I am going to give them a try. I lost his write up but I am going to try and find it again as he wrote everything down he was eating and it cleared him up and he said that even the tablets did not do it for him. I truly wish you well and I hope that you feel better soon. Take good care. Jan101 xxx

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Hi there,

I think this article about the IBS vicious circle may point you in the right direction: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Hope this helps,


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Buy Silicolgel (Amazon, cheaper than Chemist) take once a day before Main meal (even tho' it says to take three times, this would be too much and may cause constipation) this will STOP the 'runs' and make your Stools more normal and together!! Also take one Phenergan Tablet an hour before bedtime (this is a Hayfever/Travel Sickness pill and also has a mild sedative to help you get a good nights sleep which also helps) this also helps to calm your stomach down if your IBS is mainly due to STRESS which is so often the case, even mild stress!!

I had been suffering for nearly 10 years with this horrible condition, I started the above nearly six months ago and have had NO sign of the IBS since, I now go normally to the toilet and my stomach is now so much more settled down, even at stressful times that come up now and then.

I know it sounds incredible that one little Pill + Silicolgel does the trick - I can hardly believe how much BETTER I feel - so please do 'go for it '- give it a try anyway!! Good luck!

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Have you tried amitryptiline ? I've just turned 25 .. have suffered for years with nothing making a difference .. I was perscribed 25mg every night and almost instantly felt better and more controlled. I couldn't believe it ... make sure to take it at night as it knocks you out in about ten minutes flat and sometimes I feel a bit daydreamy in the day .. but I would take that any day over a constant upset stomach !


I have just been given this by my doctor so fingers crossed it will start to work :)


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