Possible ibs?

Hi I'm Elle, I've been having constant diarrhoea everyday at the same time for a week now. Back in September- October I had diarrhoea in school mostly everyday, but on the weekends or holidays I wouldn't get it then when I went back to school it instantly came back. It would happen around the same time for a number of days then change to maybe later. It stopped in October after the holidays and it never came back till now and I'm wondering what's wrong with me. I don't want to tell my parents as it is embarrassing, is there any way to get rid of it?

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  • Your parents wont find it embarrassing so you should be telling them, they will look after you and help you out.

  • Do you worry about going to school at all? I was clear during the holidays and then as soon as i went back to work bam it was back

  • Yes i do worry because I feel embarrassed when I have it

  • You need to speak to your parents

    Has your diet changed recently

    How old are you - is it related to exams

  • Hi Elle do you think it could be stress related,I am much older than you 60 plus,but an ec nurse and I regularly get this problem when I have worries etc. Don't be embarrassed to tell a parent,they wouldn't want you to be worrying aabouthis alone I'm sure.

  • If it is intermittent, going away for some weeks/months, then it would seem that stress and anxiety could well be the cause. I firmly believe that my OCD and therefore stress, anxiety and depression are the cause of my ibs. Don't underestimate how what's going on in your head can affect you physically. Maybe getting blood tests done at the doctors will help to make this certain, thus ruling out anything physically wrong.

  • Hi ElleM12,

    I also think you should discuss this with your parents. I am much older at 70 but started with IBS 50 years ago when I was 20 and at a stressful time. Part of this stress was about passing Professional exams and a fear of failing.

    I think , from what you say, that there is little doubt, that some sort of stress , anxiety or fear related in some way to School, is the main cause of your problem. Perhaps a fear of failure in some way might be possible.

    Don't let this get a hold and cause more problems, sit down with your parents and discuss it. If you feel that part of the problem is ,for example, pressure from your parents to achieve, then this needs tackled now. It might need discussion with teachers, or maybe your doctor but try not to leave it and battle on. It will only get worse . If you get help now maybe you can stop this being a life time issue. It becomes deep rooted and causes a life time of difficulty.

    Hope this helps and you can take some action to get it sorted.


  • Your parents changed your diapers at one time so don't be shy to talk to them about this kind of stuff!;)

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