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This post is just to wish all fellow sufferers a lovely Christmas.

I assume most of you probably worry and even dread the family gatherings, ( which they would really like to enjoy), fearing the temptations of festive food and drink , then diving off to the Loo with a bad dose of IBS D, or some form of gut ache.

As usual, I will try to be good with what I eat and careful with the alcoholic drinks but no doubt with a house full of my children and grandchildren, I will err and have too much of something. This will have the inevitable result of a flair up and I will start worrying about IBS symptoms for some time afterwards.

With that in mind , this is just a reminder to be careful ,which can be difficult , but try to have a great time---it will all be over soon !

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


28 Replies
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Merry Christmas Will1234. I hope we all have a healthy 2017! πŸ™‚πŸŽ„

in reply to Mc89

Thanks for reply

Merry Christmas to you as well. It's definitely a rough time of year with temptations and over-indulgences. Good luck, and wishing you all health and happiness

Thanks for replying runswithdogs, have a good time

Missed your pearls of wisdomGlad you are still in touch!

Thank you MaggieJemima. Still around but posted less for fear of being repetitive. I do think that writing about things does help me rationalise things , you do not feel alone and your experiences might just be helpful to someone suffering.

Anyway I will no doubt have something to write about soon. Recently symptoms not too bad. main issue has been gas pains and need to get to loo urgently after main evening meal. Usual okay afterwards -if a bit empty !! It does not seem to matter much what food I eat ,it just occurs anytime from immediately after, to an hour or two after eating.

I think that when something changes you worry and get stressed , search for causes etc., when probably it would be much better just to accept it is just IBS.

Have a great Christmas.


Thanks Will, have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy ....... in moderation!

Spare a thought for me - diagnosed with IBS last Friday and on a low FODMAP diet for Christmas πŸŽ„. My first Christmas without onions, garlic, quality street, mince pies, Xmas cake and pud. Still, if I avoid gut pain, bring it on!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year πŸ˜€

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Hi Sprout15,

I am aged 70 and had IBS from age 21 . My best advice is ,just accept that you have IBS. try not to worry or get stressed and try to manage it, whichever way you feel works best for you. I try to tell myself that I will not allow this condition to control me --I will be in control !

I hope FODMAP diet helps , other than a few foods which I think trigger my symptoms I just try to eat a balanced diet. Anything that works for you is good though.

Hope all goes well and have a good time.


in reply to Will1234

Thanks Will1234,

I'm feeling much more relaxed about it. I'm just glad to have a diagnosis after 8 months of worrying. The FODMAP diet is for 8 weeks max so I'm hoping to have my proper Christmas meal in March 2017 providing I can reintroduce mince pies into my diet.

Merry Christmas

Sigh !

Plus all the stress of planning a nd shopping


in reply to calista

Hi calista,

Stressful time trying to get everything just right. Hope your ok- Nice to hear from you.

Have a great Christmas


Cheers everyone. My intention for Christmas day with a house full of family ,will be 2 immodium capsules at breakfast and just get on with the day, trying to be good but probably failing at some point. If problems do occur, then at least I will know the probable cause and to some extent that is less worrying, than when it just happens without apparent reason.

Try and enjoy the day and have a good time ,it only occurs once a year !


in reply to Will1234

Looks like a plan Will.

Where would we without immodium

No golf for sure.

Hope all goes well for you

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you also



This will be my first Christmas with no dairy or gluton and I'm feeling a bit sad lol

Hi Purplewoman,

Some dairy is a problem for me to, especially fresh cream. It's not great having to either avoid things we would like, or suffer. Alcohol seems to be causing me trouble recently, so at this time of year that is not ideal either.

Hope all goes well and you manage to have a great time.


Merry Christmas Will,hope you have a wonderful time

Spare a thought for me lol, I can only eat toast and a bare minimum of a few other things. Most food is a definite no-go! I have to sit and watch everyone else tucking into their lovely Christmas dinners. Sigh... Hope you've all had a good day so far. β˜ΊοΈπŸŽ„

Hi everybody , hope yesterday went well. I enjoyed the day and it went as planned .

Not so great to-day though. Yesterday's immodium now preventing guts getting rid of all yesterday's excesses, so feeling bloated and sore , feels like being full of gas which will not move.- Worse still, we are having more family visiting to-day. No idea how I will get through the day but will have to try . Hopefully not a late night ! I just feel like sleeping to-day.

Don't think I will be able to consume much to-day unless things move along soon.

Two days partying just not on and a stupid idea. (not mine, my wife cannot say no !).

Hope you all had a good day yesterday and all the best for a happy new year.


Oh dear, hope you feeling better soon Will1234, I've only been diagnosed within the last month or so, so have had my first Christmas refraining from wheat, pastries, alcohol, onions, garlic, windy veg and pretty much all the nice things !! But hopefully I will soon be able to re-introduce some things back into my diet it time, my problem is cramps and chronic gas pains (stomach and back) but at present have slight relief with buscopan, peppermint oil capsules and peppermint tea. I am really glad I found this forum as it has given me support and hope. We are off to Edinburgh for new year, so I'm just hoping I can enjoy our trip there without too much interference from the IBS !

Happy New Year to you x

Survived yesterday , ate small portions and everyone was tired so they all went home fairly early. Long lie in this morning and feeling much better to-day.

Cheers everybody-have a good New Year.


in reply to Will1234

Hi Will.

Glad Xmas is over !

I was too busy for ibs for the three days...but did take one immodium Xmas eve and Xmas day...none after that but paid for it yesterday πŸ˜•.

I find stopping it for a few days then there is a pay off day.

I also take .75 mg of Diazapan at times as have extra stressors as husband more disoriented with Xmas.

That usually does the trick.

Hope you will have a calm New Year.

And get onto golf course....get away from it all.

in reply to calista

Hi calista,

Yes glad Xmas past. Agreed that after Immodium , it can catch up.

Sometimes I have to take Fybogel to get things back to normal--well normal for me.

Not so good with your husband , that must be very difficult to deal with. I can only imagine how difficult that would be and hope you are managing to cope .

I did get a Winter League game yesterday . The weather was good but underfoot was a bog. At least it was out in the fresh air .

Have a good New Year .


Have a good New Year yourself Will - I also didn't eat too much and felt absolutely fine. I am continuing now by eating much smaller portions - feel so much better.


Glad we all survived lol I had a small dinner of chicken some mini roasties veg and g f gravy then I had soya custard and gf df xmas pud but have suffered a few days after now and I thought I'd been so careful lol

Hi Purplewoman,

You can only try . I find it odd that something you eat can give no problem on one occasion but then appear to be the problem at another time.

Think I will have a very careful New Year celebration.

Have a happy New Year.


Happy new year to you , luckily I don't drink so no worries from alcohol,

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