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Moving forward but still struggling any advice if you have or are going through the same 😊


Hi so 4 months since I last posted. Been poorly since April. Slowly getting Better life has only improved in the sense I have returned to work on a part time basis. I have had my colonoscopy and Ct scan and have been told I have a kink in my small bowel and there is a cyst on my ovary. However neither will be removed as could cause more harm than good. However I have read and found that people are saying they were told the same about the kink and pain and life got worse until they were operated on! Has anyone else got or had this? He has also said I have a severe case of IBS. So to move forward I am awaiting an MRI scan in Jan to ensure there is nothing else the CT missed and seeing a dietician in Feb. I am taking mebeverine buscapan and Imodium. I have totally removed food that is fried and cooked in oil. No chocolate. The occaisional spice. And very small meals. For example if I have jacket potato for dinner I can only eat half of it. Sometimes I may eat the other half an hour or two later. My husband has been home for nearly 2 weeks and he's on leave till 4th Jan so I finally have support and he is doing most of the house work and running around after the kids. BUT I'm feeling very frustrated! I was 37 full of life loved to party and have fun. Now I look forward to finishing work at 15.00 coming home having a shower putting my pjs on and laying on the sofa watching a film! I still get scared to go out as I don't know if I will need the loo. Also I get very worn out and I just feel allot of pain I would rather be at home. I feel sorry for hubby as he has just spent 4 hard crap months away and he's come back and I have no umph. He seems fine as he's more of a chill person than me but I just want to be me again! I'm also anxious about Christmas we have the family coming on 23rd till 2nd. We have a bar in our garage where we play games do karaoke have drinking games. Stay up between 00.00 and 04.00 depending on how the night is going. I will not be able to do this. I can mange about 3 drinks any more and I get drunk and it makes me really poorly. I also need my bed even though I don't sleep well at night sometimes I still like to be in it by 23.00 at the latest and the earliest I get up is 7.30 but later If I'm not working. Ah thanks for reading my waffling on. It's my day off so going to try and get some more sleep.

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Can I suggest you look up Dysbiosis and see if it fits! Wishing you well

Aww. Christmas is hard for the healthiest of people with all the families, indulgences and drinking. It's extra tough for those of us that are ill. Don't worry about going to bed early or saying 'no' when you need to. Or getting the family to help out. I hope you have a great Christmas and that you get to enjoy your karaoke.

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