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Not feeling good again

I have been experiencing discouraging symptoms again.

For the past week or so my body has been really achy and I feel exhausted.

I have been having some stomach pains and anal pain and constipation.

Tonight I felt some clear mucus coming out of my butt.

I had a colonoscopy a little over a year ago and no longer have insurance since I turned 21 and can't afford it.

I'm scared that I have cancer that was overlooked as my symptoms always come and go they never fully go away they always return. I don't know what to do.

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Sorry to here this .......but testing is what you need to establish all is well elsewhere....your emotions and anxiety will drive much if this until you get more clarification......mine did the same until I got all the tests to diagnose ibs .........




My GI doctor diagnosed me with ibs as my colonoscopy came back normal. I just had blood tests ran on me last month as well.


i think things are ok ..........we all suspect the worse and that affects the anxiety and emtions that trigger the IBS ...... revisit yuor diet again and get strict !......relax more , or find a way to .....and work towards settling down again......its a 24/7 job that others never have to worry about ....but IBS people do .............if you let it creep up on you it will be back ..........N


Hi its common to have all these symptoms-NEVER think the C word

Blessings S x


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