Morning all, so after mild reaction to moviprep and not finishing it consultant says go in and take it night before. Has anyone done this? No chance of side room andniwn toilet so how on earth will that work ? What if bathroom isn't free or I don't get there in time? I thought they would try different prep but nurse says they will try moviprep again! Very scared , how will I keep fluid up in hospital night staff arnt going to get me anything but water on whichever ward I'm shoved on

This is turning into a nightmare with my anxiety and panic

First one cancelled second one I couldn't finish prep so a night of hell for nothing

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  • In patient nurses administer it,toilet usually by ward or you can command av p commode.Try going on NHS DIET ahead of time,clear broth jelly,a little rice etc

  • I had it administered to me in hospital overnight once. I was put in a bed near the toilet, had to go almost constantly but it was ok. I had a bottle of water with me but the night staff were good, getting me a jug of water too when I needed it.

    Ask for some medication for the anxiety - if you are in hospital I'm sure they can give you something. I get really bad migraine and they gave me something really good for that when I was in.

    Good luck. Hope it goes ok.

  • What was prescribed for your migraine? I suffer with migraine and am looking for a pain killer. Have been taking sumatriptan for many years but must now stop taking it as stated by my doctor

  • I had to have a light diet for 3 days before taking Moviprep, white bread, marmalade with no peel in, plain chicken, poached fish, boiled potatoes

    It will be worth the 'pain' you're in as you will get a diagnosis

  • Hi will they let you have picolax ? INSIST that they give you that and say you dont want to be admitted-go back to your GP and tell gp whats gone wrong AND WHAT YOU WANT !

    Best Wishes S X

  • They have just rung and it's next in hospital from 12 noon day before 😱

    She said probably picolax though what will be different I don't know

    Asked about a side room on the general wars I will be on and she said it's pot luck on the day

  • With such i thing i think it is outrageous you dont get your own room and toilet. if you think about it a comode would be embarrassing. its expensive but only other option is to pay private

  • I would have no idea how to go about private and am single skint parent lol

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