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First appointment at Gastro

Can anyone shed any light on what to expect at my first appointment with the Gastro? After recently feeling rough I was asked to send a stool sample which was a day or so after a real bad bm and have shown some inflammation. They want to check me out but now don't know what to expect. Surprisingly I also suffer with anxiety too so now am a little worried. Any help would be great

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Never been but i might be getting referred soon.

My only advice i can offer would be to take some music with you to help reduce your anxiety

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The first session I was asked a lot of questions about my eating habits, my stools, medication, other symptoms (pain in other areas of the body, inflammation, gas) family medical history. I'd start compiling a food and symptom diary to take with you . I was then sent away for bloodwork, stool samples, ultrasounds, a breath test and a urine collection test, with a couple of appointments in between to go over results. She then booked me for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy to rule out any other problems. After that the follow up appointments were for testing diets and medications. All of my sessions were verbal, fully clothed, etc (minus the colonoscopy). It was refreshing to talk to an expert in the field, rather than the GP. And they specialize in gut problems and have seen a lot of butts. :) I know it's hard, but try and relax. I'm happy to answer any other questions.



Often the first visit will be a chat to run through history and maybe a prodding of your tummy. They may do a sigmoidoscopy (essentially a short probe thing that goes into your bum ( awkward, uncomfortable but not painful), but probably unlikely.

Also they should talk about diagnostic tests they want to do - make sure you ask which ones, what order, what are they looking fur and when /how /how soon will you get results

They may also review your Meds and prescribe new drugs

They should weigh you at every visit and may do blood tests as well.

Take a book and a bottle of water and snack as clinics can take ages sometimes!

The colitis and Crohns website has tons of easy to read material to help you and I thoroughly recommend it

Anxiety can make symptoms worse so please do mention it to the doctor. Mindfulness and relaxation exercises plus yoga can really help

Gastro doctors are generally lovely and patient, have seen it all and will talk openly about poo, farting and bottoms with ease so try not to be too worried. I find humour helps 😆

Good luck !


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