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New and struggling

I have always had mild IBS - very sensitive to various foods, bloating, flatulence, etc.

Recently however every few weeks I am getting what I fondly refer to as a 'sudden evacuation'. My stomach starts cramping in a very recognisable way, and I know that not straight away, but within 30 mins to an hour, I am going to get a sudden need to go to the toilet and completely evacuate the contents of my bowels in liquid form (to put it nicely!) . In the meantime I also get horrendously smelly flatulence which is pretty embarrassing. The worst time being when I was conducting interviews at work and genuinely thought I would have to cut off mid-interview to run to the toilet.

It usually happens a few hours after eating and isn't brought on by any one particular food. Sometimes I have been stressed but not always. It's just like something inside me suddenly presses the 'evacuate' button.

I have just been prescribed and started mebeverine which I hope will help.

Has anybody else experienced this and is there anything that you have found helps?

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It all sounds like IBS. KEEP COMING BACK TO this group. When I was in my twentied,I just had very bad pains in my stomach. I was told IBS. Now in ny 60s,it came back 10x stronger and different. Please go to the doctor to rule out celiac disease,Chrons Disease,colitis,IBD. And get a colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer.The very first thingvI changed wheb I found out I had IBS WAS TO STOP DRINKING COLD WATER. My ayurvedic doctor told me to drink warm water only. This helped alot. These also will help: meditation,exercise and start to research the foods that are ok to eat. Try, the Fodmaps diet. Google it. In America,its located in Stanford University. If you are young and in alot of pain,I would try not to use medicine to help you. You need to start eating right for IBS. IMO,keep the meds away until you absolutely need it. Try soluable fiber. FODMAPS IS MY BEST ADVICE. STOP EATING FRIEDFOOD.


I agree with Skyrooms you need to be excluding celiac and chrons disease as ive had ibs for years and never had that symptom


Can completely relate to what you are saying dear sdan4. Had IBS -D for 20+ years.

These sudden bouts can be stressful but believe me you have the power to cope with them. Mine happen about 1/2 hr -1hr after lunch ( it is different for everyone). It sounds as if you may have a similar job to me. So I have got my life back by doing the following.

1. Know where the toilets are

2. Learn to have the courage to stop a meeting and say will you excuse for a few minutes(its easier to slip out if you are not holding the meeting you don't have to say anything)

3. After breakfast if I am out for the day travelling/walking I refrain from eating(but take water with me) until I reach my destination and a locate a toilet. I then eat as like you there is no one food that sets me off.

4. I carry a small emergency pack with me.

But before you start to think about any of the above I agree with Skyrooms & Mandy get the all clear from your GP that you do not have IBD or celiac.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on


I can relate to this too. Had IBS diagnosed several years ago following a bad bout of food poisoning in Franceī. In August this year thougbt (as did GP), I had food poisoning again after eating out. Been gluten free over 2 years ago and on FODMAP diet under Hospital dietican. Had awfull D&V for weeks, pain and losing weight. Saw consultant last Tues and had colonoscopy today. Both GP and Consultant mentioned cancer. Diagnosis is diverticulosis. 5 random biopsies taken. Now awaiting results then return to GP for medication. Mebeverine has never helped, on max dose went the otber way with severe cramping!


Your symptoms are exactly like mine every 2-3 weeks this was happening the cramping is so bad I can't speak or barely move and then everything comes out. I'm not sure if it's certain foods I eat but since starting pro biotics (20 million) the cramping and diarrhoea has significantly reduced. Along with this I've tried my best not to eat bread and chips as I noticed certain foods were bloating me also my wind is not so bad anymore. I have a lot more good days than bad days now.


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