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Constant ibs pain

I am so worried as I have terrible health anxiety along with my ibs. 2 weeks ago I started with twinges lower right pelvic region have had this before, then moved to left and now I feel windlike pains moving lower abdo and a horrid dragging feeling. I have had a lot of tests and scans this year. In march I had the rt sided pain just right so badly I had ct abdo and pelvis with contrast and all clear. In 2014 I had the same again clear and just 5 weeks before this started I had ct chest abdo and pelvis again clear. In marchI also had internal ultrasound which showed nothing. So I cannot go and ask for more tests plus I had had a lot of radiation with the . I just would like 4o know if my symptoms sound like ibs my g.i. dr diagnosed me years ago and deep down I know I have had similar before but I am still afraid. I know you lovely people on here have reassured me before as its just nice to know you are not alone. I have been taking gaviscon every night for months due to my silent reflux which affects my lungs hence all the tests in sept. I wonder has anyone had cramps from that



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Technically, for IBS, you should also have an altered bowel habit - e.g. diarrhoea or constipation - as well as pain. But regardless of whether you do have a different bowel habit or not, I think you don't have anything more serious than a functional disorder (although that's not to belittle the problems it causes).

It was interesting that you pointed to your health anxiety, and that you have acid reflux. I also had a quick look back through some of your old posts and you comment that when you have a flare up you also have the urge to urinate more.

I am currently working my way through a book on CBT called Mind Over Mood. One of the best things about this book is a scoresheet it uses to help you monitor changes in your anxiety and depression over time but rating different symptoms. One of the symptoms of anxiety it lists is an increased urge to urinate. I also know from personal experience that, at times, I get heart burn (acid reflux) when anxious.

So, what I think you could be experiencing, with your IBS, acid reflux and urination, are symptoms of anxiety. The causes of all these problems can be linked to the abnormal operation of smooth muscles. These regulate the functioning of the gut, separate the stomach from the oesophagus, and manage the operation of the bladder. How much have you looked into anxiety as a possible cause?

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I don't think you have had all the tests. Have you had a colonoscopy or proctogram? The dragging feeling makes me think you could have some form of prolapse. Have you had any internal examinations ( rectal or/ and vaginal)? I am just suggesting. You should keep seeing your GP / consultant until you get more definite answers. Try another GP/ consultant - sometimes you can just get lucky and one will have an idea for diagnosis that another didn't. My GP surgery doesn't mind if you see one of them then another and they are also ok with referring you to a different hospital if you think one wasn't too good or you want a second opinion.


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