Mega operation and now dealing with the pain created by painkillers

I've had a hysterectomy in the past week and I also suffer with severe sickness and dioreha... currently waiting on a Chron's diagnosis. The hysterectomy pain is tolerable however the pain that began yesterday due to the bowel being constipated is horrific.. I've taken Senna all week to try and help and have been killing the buscapan since yesterday...

any other suggestions, I'm in agony here 😷🤕😩

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  • Don't take senna, take something like movicol or lactulose. You should see your GP or contact your hospital.

  • I'm going to see GP today, thanks for your help xx

  • Buscopan will make you constipated!!

  • I would definitely recommend Aloe Vera, ask your GP and if you want I can direct you to a couple of good brands. You'll need a juice that doesn't contain the sap.

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