Passing water from bowel after laxido

Hi,I posted for the first time the other day re lifelong constipation....after 3plus weeks of no bm I got some laxido sachets,I had 3 a day for 2 days with no results.....I'm convinced I must be impacted after all this time so yesterday did the dose for impact ion,8 sachets over 6 hrs...that rusulted in just brown water from my back passage,does this sound like a blockage?or normal if impacted?ive got a gp appoint Friday but just expecting the usual fob off.

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  • Sounds like you have overflow diarrhoea past the impacted stool. The best remedy is an enema if this is what's happening.

  • Yes that's what I thought....seeing gp in the morning,....I've been reading up on low fibre/fibre free diet for constipation and it makes a lot of sense,I eat plenty of fibre and drink lots but nothing moves me😕

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