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Pelvic pain?

Hello! I have had IBS for nearly two years now and I know what my flare ups are like and what triggers them. Today, I woke up and my stomach was really hurting. That pain has left behind a really burning pain in my left pelvis. My ex previously passed on chlamydia after I found out he had been cheating on me. I got tested straight away and took the necessary treatment straight away, did another test and it was all negative. I raise this because could it be PID? (Pelvic inflammatory disease). I had an ultrasound earlier in the year after a scare of endometriosis, the lady staged my pelvis/ovaries are working very well and everything appears normal so that would have shown there surely. It probably is just IBS as I have had diahorrhea with it today but it scares me - any help appreciated

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Same here!! Scares me stiff sometimes!! No cure for me i m afraid!!


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