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Ibs at weekends

After a few relatively symptom free months my ibs has flared up again this weekend. This has happened to me before. It's like I'm so busy with my routine during the week that it doesn't bother me but when I slow down at the weekend I get symptoms. Could it be that the change in routine sets me off either physically and/or mentally? I feel so rubbish and have had several incidents of D over the weekend.

I've never officially had my ibs diagnosed. I've had bloods and a digital rectal exam before but that's it in the way of testing. Because I'm young (under 30) and because my symptoms tend to come and go and I can have long periods of symptom free time I have tried not to worry too much but the worry of bowel cancer always rears its head whenever I get a flare up. Any reassurance would be great :(

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It's probably not cancer but it's worth getting a colonoscopy and working with a gastroenterologist. It's well worth the reassurance. I find my guts behave differently from the week days to the weekend. You sleep different, eat different foods, eat different amounts, eat at different times, move differently. Might be worth tinkering with your routine to see if you notice any i improvements.


I'm the opposite. Diarrhoea all week and constipation at weekend . Sorry short reply off to work x


Happens,went away for a few days but IBS kicks in on return

Strange foods can take 72 hrs or more to clear the system and cause mayhem

Weekends body knows it can let go control!


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