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So it's my last day. All in all my holiday has been really tough. Felt relatively ok for 3/4 days of the 7. Flight isn't till 23:45 tonight so have a long day ahead of me. So fed up of feeling unwell, makes me not want to bother with holidays which i know is really negative but can't help feeling that way. Feel like I might be suffering with some depression because of it.

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  • Oh dear.

    I knew that feeling.

    Its a loooong day waiting for flight.

    Hope you got motillium and I cant remember but If you had anti anxiety pill....I used to find that a help awaiting flight.

    Wishing you the best and yes it is depressing especially on hols when all having a good time ...and people not understanding ibs.

  • Thanks calista. Couldn't get my hands on any motilium. I need to go to the docs when I get back about some anti anxiety meds. I've just been sat in the air conditioned lobby listening to podcasts which has helped a little. It's just so frustrating, no one really understands how it feels!

  • I do...but non ibs people dont.

    I know my friends dont and I dont actually know anyone with it. Only on forum.

  • Yeah I'm the same. Although I've just discovered that a girl who works on my team has it, pretty severe too. It's nice just to chat with her every now and again when it's particularly bad. Just wish I could turn it off once or twice a year when on holiday you know.

  • So 4 hours out from take off and feeling sick as a dog 😟 Just need to get onto the plane! Really want to be back in the uk right now.

  • Hope your ok and at home now. I know a little how u feel my recent camping adventure was awful. I have some mottillium from a diagnosis for my throat. Food kept adhering to gullet. How does it help in ibs

  • Hi deb, I believe it speeds up digestion so that food doesn't sit in your stomach for as long and cause the nausea. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

  • I am home now. Quite relieved to be honest. Although him off away again in 6 weeks... Glutton for punishment. Really think that will be my last overseas holiday for a while. Just need to get my strength up in the next 6 weeks to go again. Need to stock up on some meds too!

  • I bet you are glad to be home.

    Is nausea your worst symptom ?

  • Yeah back at work today but feeling So much better. Yeah nausea seems to be the worst, never actually throw up but really limits what I'm able to do. Was bad everyday on holiday but haven't felt nausea at all today.

  • Well anxiety must be a big part of it too so.

    At least you dont get dreaded D etc.😟

  • Well I wish I didn't. Still get the dreaded D at times 😥

  • Have you done your own intolerance tests ?

    You coukd leave one food group out of your diet for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to see what changes there might be

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