2 hour drive need to prepare

Hey, I'm going to a driving Exspiriance this Saturday and I'm scared I have IBS and anxiety along with agoriaphobia which doesn't help the situation much ngl I need some tips take medication with me and before I go outside, I bring spare clothes incase of an accident and I just need some support any tips? I'm going with my best friend, my dad and his girlfriend they all know about my IBS and panic attacks

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  • Try not to worry about it. You are going to do something you will enjoy and you are with people who know you and vice versa

  • Try to find time to do some relaxation therapy. Practice breathing methods, try some visualisation or listen to some mood music - whatever helps you feel calmed. Tell yourself you are going to have a great day and when you feel those little panicky moments come over you, stop and take some deep breaths and push them out of your mind. Go prepared with your meds and spare clothes etc and you will be fine. It sounds like a fun day and one to give lasting memories so have a great time!

  • Join the online community called no more panic. Free, NHS accredited. Saved my sanity. After years of agoraphobia and panic attacks it gave me my life back. Please log on and take a look. Also hypnotherapy cds for anxiety. Paul mkenna is my favourite. Good luck 🍀 and have a fabulous time. Xxxx

  • Paul mckenna & low dose diazapam works fir me after suffering years of panic attacks.enjoy!!

  • Get some Rescue Remedy

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