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I've just finished reading the excellent book "Irritable Bowel Solutions" by Dr John Hunter. After going through the questionnaire I am going to follow the exclusion diet. Has anyone else had success with following this. Also I noticed it does not mention cutting out high fodmap foods, surely these are a recognised problem foods nowadays for ibs sufferers. I wonder why they aren't included in his plan.

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  • I have a lot of faith in John Hunter.I was in hospital many years ago with ibsd and really poorly.

    He cured me with his exclusion diet at that time enough for me to carry on as usual.

    I still suffer from ibs alternate c and d.Follow the exclusion diet it told me a lot about my body.

    Good Luck

  • Thankyou for your reply, it's good to hear from somebody that's had positive results. I'm definitely going to follow his diet, then maybe do low fodmap if I get no success.

  • I followed an exclusive duet after kinesiology. The important thing is to understand your body and learn what is ok for you. Good luck.

  • Thankyou.

  • I think the fodmap was not going when he wrote the book. Well not as high profile or proven

  • I had a feeling that could have been the reason why.

  • Fodmaps doesn't work for everyone with IBS. He knows what he's talking about and you should trust his advice. Best IBS book I've ever read.

  • It is a very well reviewed book with people claiming good results.

  • An exclusion diet is my next thing. Just had a Colonoscopy (had the first one around 18 to 20 years ago and had another today) and everything is clear. I was waiting to have the test before embarking on the exclusion diet.

    Best of luck to you Daddio :)

  • I'm in the same boat as you crazyfitness, although this is my first colonoscopy I've just had and all was clear and biopsies came back normal. Just waiting to have a nasty fissure sorted out now. Exclusion diet will be my next step as I dare say that it'll be a while before I'm referred to the dietitian on the NHS.

    Best of luck to you too crazyfitness 🙂

  • Hope you aren't in too much pain with the fissure and hope it's sorted soon. Re Dietician - I was referred to one a few years ago now; I saw her; she looked at my diet and said it was healthy (maybe not for IBS sufferers though as I love my fruit and vet) and she then said that I would hear within about 6 months as the person that I would be referred to for the Fodmap diet was training. I was told that if I didn't hear back within 6 months to phone them. I phoned them and was then told that the funding had been removed - great!! Therefore I only got to the first stage of just seeing the Dietician and nothing was actually sorted.

    I will be posting on here on how I get on. Going on holiday for a week in September so will start the diet when I come back.

    All the very best :)

  • I did get a call back from the surgeons secretary today as I called the number yesterday after I got a letter from him stating that the colonoscopy and biopsies were all normal but there was no mention about seeing me again about the fissure (the pains comparable to child birth apparently, although being a man I'll have to take their word for that, it's blooming painful I can tell you that much)

    I hope you enjoy your holiday, and I look forward to following your progress when you get back. I'll update mine too when I start it.

  • I'm kind of glad your Colonoscopy was normal and I say it like that as I know I thought maybe if they find another ailment there is treatment for it as there is nothing for IBS. I can assure you that childbirth is flipping painful so my heart goes out to you with the amount of pain you must be in.

    Looking forward to updates from you on how you are doing - you can PM me any time.


  • The problem with relying on the NHS to sort out our IBS is that we get sent from pillar to post in the longest amount of time. I've not been referred to a dietician in all the time I've suffered with this problem, in the beginning I just got prescribed Fibogel (yeuch) which didn't help at all. In the end I think it comes down to either paying out on a private dietician or reading the many helpful books out there and self treating ourselves by doing such things as the exclusion diet or the low fodmap diet. It's a lot of trial and error until you find the right diet that works for you.

  • Problem is the NHS don't know what to suggest, even though IBS has been around for many years there doesn't seem to be anyone in the medical profession that knows how to treat it - it's a label.

    I can't put the NHS down though as I am really lucky with my doctor and the hospital have been brilliant this week with me.

    Fibogel doesn't touch me either. The two Senna tablets I had to take before the Picolax on Sunday night didn't touch me - the Picolax did though!

    All the very best.


  • I've had Moviprep and Picolax twice each now. I get one teeny BM and then just pass cleanish water. I've been told my CT scan was ineffective because my gut hadn't cleared. Has anyone else who's reading this thread had a similar experience?

  • it has helped me! i really like the diet but i am now doing the kidney diet on top of that. it is working great! :)

  • Hi pearlcat, what's the kidney diet? I've had a look online and can't see anything apart from kidney disease.

    Thanks very much :)

  • Go to DaVita.com. I am mixing together this diet and the kidney diet. it helps with my ibs-d a lot! :) and i can eat bread again! i am also on the paleo diet and was for a year and i lost 70 pounds! I have 60 more to go. But my doc said my blood test was low on something in my kidney. so i like to do the zone method too cuz i have diabetes. just watch your salt intake and drink only bottled water. i can drink juice too and eat lots of fruits with protein. don't have too much protein by itself. add fruits an vegies and you will be ok. and add noodles or white rice and it is delicious! I have the basics: tacos, (yes, you can have corn!) burritos, pizza (use chicken and alfredo sauce and add whatever vegies you like or have with a salad), stir-fry with white rice, chicken, and peppers and onions. I am still wondering what to use instead of coconut aminos. it has lots of salt in it and the kidneys don't like soy our soy products or even coconut which i miss. and no chocolate at all.

  • Thank you for your very comprehensive reply, it is really helpful and I've never heard of the Kidney diet before. I'll have a look at DaVita.com now.

    Thank you


  • You're welcome! :) I forgot to say that we should watch our intake of potassium and phosphorous too. No bananas. and no broccoli or cooked spinach. but cauliflower is ok. chicken salad sandwiches are good to make with celery and onions. we should also not have any beans, peanut butter, or any nuts or nut butters or seeds and flax is not good for us either.

  • No oats or whole wheat for the fodmap diet and no sugar on any diet! LOL

  • ANd forget about that magnesium. and drink lots of lime or lemon water before eating (like 20 minutes), then you can eat but peppermint tea is good, and marshmallow tea, and guava leaf tea, and watch out how many herbs you eat too. just tell google whatever you are not sure of ingesting to look it up for you and they it will most likely give you the answer.

  • Apples do not agree with my ibs-d but i can't remember if the applesauce or apple juice are ok. but i love cabbage and make my own coleslaw. I love the imitation crab meat but it is too salty for us kidney people. Melons are bad for us but we can have `pineapples and low-fat cottage cheese, brie cheese, hard cheeses, plums, unsalted crackers/pretzels, bagels and low-fat cream cheese, peaches, NO Apricots or nectrines, no dates, yes a couple of prunes, cranberry juice, waterchestnuts, bean sprouts, but no bamboo shoots (too salty), a handful of red grapes, oranges, tangerines, mandarin oranges, egg whites, egg white powder, egg white protein powder, sour cream, NO Yougurt of any kind, zuchinni (raw), cucumbers, vinegar, olive oil, 1/2 avocado, english muffins, dinner rolls, peas, honey, NO Maple Syrup.

  • oh and no potatoes but yams are ok

  • One last thing... I read that turmeric and ginger are bad for your kidneys!

  • Oh my goodness, there isn't much you can eat! I do find raw carrots, onions and broccoli don't like me. I can eat broccoli every now and then but not around 4 times a week like I was doing.

    Best of luck to you


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