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Ibs and the confusion

So, as I have previously said that I used to be in a low weight of 110 and I really like how my body was at that time it was when I working out and eating healthy good things because of my ibs. Then after I got ibs C I gained lots of weight from being impacted. Now I have ibs d at this time, it switches sometimes for some reason. Iam at around 116 pounds and I don't get why I'm not 110 anymore if I'm doing the workouts and eating correctly? Would I still be impacted or what?

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I'm IBS-d and my GI said she hears a lot of patients mention they gain weight. It doesn't make sense because everything shoots through so fast but she said perhaps the colon/body is absorbing the bad instead of the good. She didn't have a good explanation for it but did recognize it's my issue.

I am 99% FODMAP diet and very clean eating now and I haven't had the weight gain since. It's all what you eat...


All I ever eat it fruits veggies and meat. Occasionally gluten free grains if I'm that hungry or craving it. But all I eat it clean. I workout daily as well. So it's super weird


I go to a new GI on Wednesday in a different city since none in my city are good. Hopefully I'll get some better news then


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