What's wrong?


Recently I've noticed a bigger problem with my bowels. Past 5 days I'm having on ans off cramps mostly after I've eaten something a bit heavy like a meal or gluten free bread. Sometimes I need to go ans have soft smelly weird stools then and sometimes I dont gp until later. I noticed that when I move a certain way or stretch my tummy area it can start up too. I've had on and off weird bowel movement for years. But not like this. I also have chronic fatigue. Not had major diet changes lately. I eat pretty healthy. I just handed a stool sample in. Not had results of that yet.it's yucky I'm not sure if the cramps will result in needed the loo straightaway or not so I've been avoiding longer trips and things

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  • I also feel when I eat that my food sticks before going into my tummy if that makes sense

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