Can anyone help?


So I've been off work for three weeks now. It started with diarrhoea that had loads of blood in, doctor did usual tests and everything came back normal. I've been on the mend but tonight it feels like someone's pinging elastic bands in my stomach. It catches my breath when it happens but isn't the same as cramps. Also noticed my stools are pretty much black.

Anyone have any clue what's going on? I can't carry on like this :( xx

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  • Endoscopy?



    Meantime baby gripe water or a little alcohol to relax tummy muscles and release wind

  • Should seek medical advice if I was you

  • Yes, please go to hospital its sounds like ulcerative collitis !

    Blessings S

  • Hospital - listen to all this advice and move forward

  • It's so frustrating that my doctor doesn't even seem concerned. Yet anyone I tell seems horrified that they aren't doing anything :( xx

  • Do you have other symptoms like vomitting, weightloss, fatigue? If so then it could indicate something more serious. However, stool can be black due to eating certain foods, taking various medications or supplements(like iron) etc so doesn't necessarily mean its something bad. If your GP isn't concerned its most likely not serious but pushing for extra tests if you're worried might ease your own mind.

  • Blood in your stools is always a bad sign, ask to be referred to a specialist in this kind of thing. I wish you luck.

  • It's exactly the same as I had years ago. My tests came back clear but then I saw another doctor and was eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. You defiantly need to see another doctor.

  • My bloods showed no sign of inflammation at all so he dismissed anything sinister. It's so frustrating :(

  • I think you need a colonoscopy. That's what I had- eventually. Hope it gets sorted for you

  • i've recently been referred for a colonoscopy for the same problem, push for it!

  • Definitely take matters in to your own hands and if needs be change doctors. I am lucky and have one that's very sympathetic. Best of luck

  • My son in law has, after many months of being told he has piles, been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, his story seems similar to yours. Push for a colonoscopy, gp's make my blood boil.

  • Its so frustrating. I was told IBS after having bloods and a ultrasound a few months ago but it just didn't sit right with me that it was that. I've never felt so frustrated :(

  • you need a new doctor

  • Go back to the doctor and instist they refer you to see a specialist. Stomach conditions are too often dismissed by GPS. Refuse to leave until sorted!

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