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Newcomer to site long term Ibs. advice needed

I regularly suffer from C but recently D is ongoing for 2 weeks + now. somewhat worrying as unusual and loosing weight. I have had 2 okish BM BuT D is persistent. I am taking laxido and fybogel((good for rbm + C). Wondering if I need to give a sample to the doc to get to the cause. I do suffer anxiety and stress is often the cause of my IBS but this is D is unusual for me and not really stressed at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I wonder if you're taking too much laxido. In either case, I wouldn't take a sample of your doctor unless he/she asks for one. There is a stool test that looks for markers of inflammation but I don't know if that will be necessary. However, the weight loss is a concern and I would go back and speak to your doctor about that anyway. It might just be a consequence of your diarrhoea, and if it is a consequence of that it shows that your IBS needs to be managed better.

I would also suggest trying to do something to tackle your anxiety, even if you don't think you are anxious at the moment. The mind and gut have a strange relationship and perhaps you need to get to the bottom of your anxiety and learn how to manage it.


Thankyou for your reply and I will take your advice and guidance on the weight and anxiety issues. I don't know half the time I am anxious! X


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