Vagus nerve problem triggered by a BM?

I have had a couple of people tell me that my getting sick (and very weak) which sometimes can last all day.... could be caused by the Vagus nerve... Can any of you relate to this... ?? Has anyone's Dr suggested the correlation between the Vagus nerve and being sick after a bm?

My former Dr moved his practice (had to choose a new one that I am meeting soon) and he really didn't know much at all about IBS so he wasn't exactly in agreement with me about the Vagus nerve connection...

Anyway, have been SO sick and weak all day again after a 'normal BM' (believe it or not!) it doesn't always happen...but not real uncommon. Thanks for any responses.

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  • Hi my old friend Betty,I'm no expert but last year my gastroenterologist thought my pain could be caused by the Vagus nerve,so I had to have an MRI scan to find out,but everything came back ok. But it does go to show the Vagus nerve can have an effect on you. When you meet with your new doctor,also mention the Prudetial nerve.

    Hope your ok,sending a big Hug and kisses.xx💞😀

  • Have not heard of this but will certainly be doing research about Vagus nerve issues. I am an IBSD sufferer and it it taking over my life. Can't even go for 10 minute walk with my dog without feeling the urgency. Thankfully friends and rellies understand. Any one with this health problem has my sincere sympathy.

  • Hello Betty,well,we learn something new every day dont we? I am an IBS sufferer and just reading your comment above is making me wonder if I am having the same problems because some mornings I am wretching over the toilet before I have eaten anything I also get shakes and feel week on a lot of occasions and wondering what this Vagus nerve is as I have never ever heard of it before but I think my problems differ from yours Betty as these symptoms arent following after a bm they will kick in at any 1 time of the day,best wishes for getting yours sorted to the best you can anyway

  • Hi Betty, I've read about the vegus nerve before. It's very complex & is responsible for many functions including peristalsis & sweating. I often feel odd after a BM, not sick in my case but quite unwell with sweating & I can't think straight (I know that sounds slightly mad) but it can last for hours. I usually have to wait until the next day to feel better. I'm not sure if there would be anything they could do as you wouldn't want to mess up any other functions that it has. Sorry I don't have an answer but maybe someone else out there does? Let us know what your new doctor says. Take care. X

  • I had tests done on my vagus nerve because of swallowing and speaking issues. The results were explained to me thus - it is not damaged, but is not working properly because my body is 'so busy and exhausted' from dealing with all my health issues that my brain down has shut down/slowed down some functions to concentrate on others.

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