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Hey everyone, I'm Jordayne and I'm new to this kinda thing, it's a first for me. When I was 16 I woke up one morning and had really loud rumbling sounds coming from my bowels. I shrugged it off for a while. My stools changed that day, they became loose, not quite diarrhoea but they were easy to pass, and was having bowel movements normal once maybe twice a day. Then I noticed a heavy feeling in my gut and that feeling has been with me ever since then. It's a bloated feeling, and it's been there ever since the start, I'm 20 years old now and it's starting to really affect my life. I'm in a relationship with a girl I love to bits, I've been with her since the beginning of high school, before the day I knew something was wrong with my gut. She's in uni, and I "was working" but I've had real bad anxiety for the last 3 weeks now and I know she is getting sick of it, I keep thinking about my gut, I've had stool tests in the past, blood tests, X Ray's and nothing of concern has come up. The main thought is the thought that I'm going to die soon, it's a very negative and unhealthy thought. I use to be very athletic and made it very far in rugby with aspirations of going pro and IBS has ruined it for me. I just want someone, anyone to talk to about this, it would make me feel a lot better sorry for the life story.


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  • Hi there, this sounds like a very brave move for you, writing about your life on such a personal level, but you are obviously desperate, as we all are. I hope you can find what you are looking for on this forum. Just reading other people's stories can make you realise that you are not alone in all this, and that can be some comfort, however small. There is lots of advice too, which you should try, you may strike it lucky quite quickly. But as you go through the suggestions of what to do, you can eliminate and you will find something in the end....I promise. It has restricted my life too, but I have found Enterosgel works for me. I don't suffer from diarrhea or constipation, I just go frequently, and always feel like I need to go. The minute I know I have to leave the security of my house, I get psychosomatic cramping, I am sure, and then that stresses me, infact the stress kicks in every time I know I have to go out, and it becomes a very vicious cycle indeed. The enterosgel works for me by relieving me of cramps, wind and trapped wind, and the desire/urge to be either on or near a toilet. Lots of people recommend the friendly bacteria that you can find in capsule form, I take 20 billion of them daily, but I don't think they like me - not so friendly after all!! The doctor has prescribed me and I take Mebeverine daily, but I don't have much faith in that either, I just continue to take it as I worry that things might get worse if I stop. It is so hard, I completely feel for you, as will most of the sufferers on here. I would really like to know how you get on, follow me, and I will follow you. Good luck Jordayne (I'm Suzi by the way)

  • The bloating too.....allows me to breathe in, in a good way!

  • Thank you, yup, just reading these forums and seeing that I'm not the only one is really reassuring.

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