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Travelling with Ibs


I am currently travelling around Thailand and Australia and am suffering badly with my stomach. Before I left home I was trying the FODMAP diet and it did seem to be helping, eased the bloatedness and the pain, however I am finding it hard to follow this while travelling. Does anyone have any tips on how to try and stick to this diet while travelling?


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Have you got the app from Monash which is mainly Australian foods?


No I haven't. Is it any good?


Yes, it's the best! Monash Uni is where FODMAPs was developed and the app is updated all the time, here's the link:


Also, Sue Shepherd, who first initiated the diet has, I believe, brought out a range of low-FOD foods which you should be able to get out there.



Someone recommended to me the probiotic Saccromyces Boulardii

which I looked up at the time and purchased. Its fairly expensive I got

the Florastor, which is good if you are travelling.


We were in India and Australia. In India the only type food when eating out was meat or fish either BBQ or tandori. Really anything without sauce or in pastry. Always with plain rice. Australia does have lacto free milk and gluten free bread which gave a bit of variation. But really once again meat or fish cooked with out sauce...it worked okmost of the time though there were the occasional problems often managed with immodium. Good luck . have a great time


I would be interested in your progress as need to be more outgoing myself but am avoiding the difficulties you face. Can you self cater?


I plan a lot be before I travel such as when i was in NYC and London I downloaded and saved the lists of stations where toilets were available and plan my route accordingly. I would also use huge distractions such as loud music, doing my makeup, reading a magazine or even working on my blog.

After many years of suffering it still gets me everytime, when in very bad situations where i can't get out of I tap chest and use deep breaths and also i wear a mini tena pad everyday. It HELPs to know that its there trust me!.

there are times where you cannot get out or the train stops but if i can walk anywhere i chose that option rather than public transport. I only work part-time now because the stress of work made my symptoms bad. I eat well and avoid lots of things especially if im traveling soon or the next day i won't eat any gluten, dairy, eggs, chocolate, drink lots of water any stimulants.

Its a sad life but 13 years on this is what I've found to work. Also i take imodium and anti-anxiety meds everyday.

Let me know if you have other ways in coping. I live in Hong Kong so travel is all about bridges, tunnels highways, boats, traffic and very expensive free from and western food too!



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