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Repeat flare ups

Hiya I'm new here and am suffering repeated bouts of ibs quite regularly at the minute this is a question mostly aimed at women but during your monthly if you are suffering do your cramps get a lot worse im on merbeverine and it's been working on and off up until my monthly Mother Nature visit and I'm absolutely crippled over again and my stress and anxiety has gone sky high it's almost like a viscous circle I'm only 24 and it feels like it's controlling my life at the minute any advice tips on how to cope would be fab thank you x

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Yes I am always worse around my period, actually can barely function for first few days :(

I tend to eat more leading up to my period which I think makes things worse plus the hormones!

Watch your diet around this time of month, cut back on stodgy, sugar laden foods and spicy foods, might be worth taking a supplement like high strength evening primrose oil, I'm gonna try this see if it helps my symptoms.

Also try and drink more as I find my bowels are more sluggish around this time of the month which increases the crampy pains, walking also helps, keeping moving rather than lying down with a hot water bottle also helps me. Pain relief, continue with the mebeverine. Sometimes buscopan can help rather than mebeverine, however both of these can again make the bowel lazy so drink lots.

If these don't help, see your gp and get yourself checked out, may need a scan, appt with gynae. I have endometriosis which can make things worse.

Best of luck


Yes! I am currently having my monthly visit by Mother Nature and it makes my IBS alot worse! What I find helps is to lye on my stomach with a pillow under my stomach helps to ease the pain. Hot water bottles and baths also help my stomach. Drinking lots of water seems to help me as well somehow! Imodium helps me anyway but during this time of the month is especially useful! Try having more yougurts as well if you get any cravings!

Hope this helps in some way,

Stay Strong Xx

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I'm new here too - Hi :)

I know exactly how you feel - I have the same problem.

I could guarantee that my monthly Mother Nature visit will start off a flare up of my ibs.

My nurse put me on the pill to try and control my monthly visits and this seems to have helped quite a lot.

I also find that if it's possible, long slow walks really help ease the pain. I normally go in the evenings so that i'm not in too much pain to sleep!

Don't give up! x

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Thank you all for the advice so far been a real help started drinking plenty of water and am taking pain killers just trying to learn to deal with it now xxx

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