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Flare ups


I realise this is going to be based on a lot of factors. But, how often do you get flare ups of your IBS?

This is when you are watching what you eat, taking your medication. I ate dinner last night, something that doesn't usually affect me, then had stomach ache. It wasn't a delayed reaction from the day, as I hadn't eaten as sleeping after a night shift.

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For me personally it varies but around 3-6 months apart for bad flares. I have ongoing symptoms I've learned to deal with but the worst symptom for me is the fatigue.

I've learned to manage the pain diarrhea and joint pain.

mithical in reply to Viklou

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you have continuous symptoms.

I feel you 100% the fatigue is a killer.

Anxiety and stress can get you anytime, it can even be subconscious. It doesn't have to be something you have eaten to cause flair ups. Not eating or an empty stomach can still have flair ups the minute the juices in the stomach are agitated. For me they are random from weeks of it to months without. Usually when I think I have got this, zap!

mithical in reply to Cheyne13

That's it. I go through spates of symptoms, generally unsettled tummy. Then am fine through anything, even trigger foods.

Even if I do everything 'right' I still have flair ups. I went a couple of months fine, but now it's back to being unpredictable.

Never really goes away some days worse than others

mithical in reply to SueFML

I'm sorry to hear that. At least I have relief from it at times. Is there nothing a doctor can do?

SueFML in reply to mithical

Having more test re Gastric Doctor. Had to send a sample and had blood tests. Have IBS, diverticulitis and had IBD. Have had two flexible sigmoidoscopy, two Colonoscopies and Barium X-ray in the last 10 years.

Been worse these last 8 months so that’s why the gastric Doctor wanted more test. Still waiting for results.

On a lighter note I am fed up with my bathrooms wall paper lol

mithical in reply to SueFML

I hope you get some answers soon, and that your symptoms can be controlled.

Pretty well all of the time really. I do try to do everything ‘right’. Drink lots of fluid (3ltrs a day), mainly low FODMAP diet (Low fat as well) and Daily exercise. This week lots of nausea and pain left abdo. Generally occurs 1 hr after eating. I take Cimetidine for stomach inflammation and Spasmonal which seem to help. All in all, it’s terribly frustrating. But, I have come to accept it and rejoice when I have good days.

The longest I've gone without a flare is about 2 months the shortest about 2 weeks. I have several food triggers but stress is a huge trigger for me too. I'd just settled after my last flare a couple months ago and all was going well until I started new diabetes med called Trulicity on Saturday it put me into a flare within 3-4 hours of injecting and I've been in a mess ever since.

I still think most people just think IBS is a result of eating something that doesn't agree with you.

Stress is a big part for me. I get anxious over things I realise I shouldn't be anxious over. But recently they kept moving us around at work, so we never knew what was going on. That's better now.

I hope they can sort your medication out. Diabetes must be difficult with IBS.

It’s amazing how your subconscious can mask the anxiety you feel. Thank you I have a call with the diabetic nurse tomorrow to see what else can be done.

Good luck.

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