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Ibs flare ups

is it normal to have a flare up of 2 days?

I am now trying lactose free milk to remove all allergens from my diet as normal milk doesn't help. It started up at 10:30amyesterday and hopefully by this afternoon it will be better as I am going out to see my sister for dinner.

Chilling this morning in bed as I write as the NHS nice guidelines recommended tostay relaxed

Does anyone know if mebeverine comes in other forms as it works ,im not very good at taking tablets , thought I would give it a go.

Careful eating today I think.

Anyone who is reading

I hope you have a good day!!

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Sorry things are not good for you at the moment, I take Mebeverine but

in tablet form. At the moment I take Codeine, still undecided about the

result. Have a lovely day. X


Thank you. Hope you have a good day. Work today so is good. Lovely weather for a walk!


Yep, my flare-ups can certainly last a couple of days. I like a nice cup of peppermint tea while relaxing. And you're right, careful eating.


Have you eliminated dairy completely from your diet ?


hi quite normal to hae 2 day flare ups. iv just had one! i take mebeverine before meals 1 tab not that difficyult to swallow.guess you could disolve and hide in a squash. how do you know its the milk? could be caffeine? iv cut down to two caffen drinks a day and much better. i dont eat onions, garlic mushrooms or sultnanas. takes abit of checking ingredients but woerth it for me. no gassy drinks and not to much sugar. no artifical sugars at all.there very bad for ibs. paracetamol, rest and heat if pain in groin. buscopan if bloated.zydol if pain very bad and sleep. hope some thing here helps. also find ypoga pilates helps and a good laugh at fav.comedy.

hope things improve for you


p.s i forgot nuts an wholemeal are no nos for me.


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