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Is this a normal time frame?

Hi - I'm waiting for a letter to come from hospital giving me a date for gastroenterology/ colonoscopy. My GP referred me over a month ago. She then explained that they required a special stool test from me so had to wait for kit. Got kit and handed it straight in a few days later. She told me it confirmed traces of blood so she would triage my referral straight away. This was two weeks ago and I've still heard nothing. Is this a normal wait for an urgent referral can anyone tell me?

I'm really not worrying much because I've established by myself that I had a dairy intolerance from Giardiasis last winter. I become severely constipated if I eat or drink any milk protein at all. The rectal bleeding almost certainly stemmed from this constipation I'm sure because now I'm fully off dairy I'm fine. I do have other health issues though so will it will be good to get the all clear.

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You should have your appointment by around 4 weeks I had a urgent gastroscopy 3

Weeks after seeing gp.


It is now about six weeks or more since GP first referred me and I've received nothing. Only two weeks today since my referral was triaged though. As I've said I'm not too worried for myself because I'm sure it's IBS relating to dairy - rather than anything more scary. But what about others told that they have blood in stools but left waiting and worrying with no letter from hospital confirming? I hate to think of how that must feel!


It feels bloody awful especially when the letter is still lying in the gp,s

Out tray

Take care

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I thought urgent referrals were supposed to happen with 2 weeks? Might be wrong though. I would phone my GP to make sure the referral had been done and ask who it was sent to. Then I would phone the hospital.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to chase up an urgent referral, I always make sure I'm calm & polite when I make that kind of phone call & it usually gets results.


Thanks. I did ask the GP about it on Tuesday and she was a bit dismayed. Showed me the triage referral made by herself on my notes. I will phone the hospital on Monday or ask reception as I'm there for vaginal ultrasound - also marked urgent but this one has been triaged- unlike the gastro one.



I've recently had a Colonoscopy and was not sure on urgency level at the time, GP did not say. I was being referred due to a borderline Calprotectin level in my stool. Suspected IBD. It took 10 weeks from referral to the appointment date. It was only when I arrived and was having blood pressure done etc that I saw in the notes it was classed as an Urgent referral! So 10 weeks for that....I too thought urgent was around the 2 week mark...


Blimey - I was told you GP that a standard referral was 7 months in my hospital so I guess it's all relative?


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