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I am feeling inspired to write about one of my life's taboos: severe anal cramp. And one of the recent things I have started doing to alleviate and avoid it. Yes, it's talking about it - and using a bit of humour. Sometimes my pain is directly linked to stress. I have recently learnt to become very good at noticing when tension starts in my bottom and asking myself what do I need to do in order to look after myself. It usually calls for being assertive which is a right blummin challenge at times. Sometimes it's just plain funny. My work colleagues and boss know about my ibs. We are currently going through a very stressful time at work and when I'm about to be given yet another piece of stressful news I say to my colleagues 'is this information going to make my bottom hurt?' it really lightens the situation and helps me. May be there's times when it wouldn't be appropriate to say this although I also question that. I'm certainly having a much more peaceful time in the rear end department. 😉

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  • Totally agree! It's very hard to find humour when we are in such stress pain and basically had enough!! I went to a doctor and he told me to laugh about it he said "who cares u shit your pants your shitting all day just laugh about it"

    I know it was quite brutal and hard for others to understand but there is more to life we need to find that gap. :-)


  • Well done you. Stress is a hug part of IBS for some people, so finding a way to recognise it and reduce it is essential. Humour sounds a great way if you can. For me, admitting it out side of my close circle was too hard, but finally I left the stessful job, which has really helped, but it comes back with a vengeance when a stressful occasion rears its head but much less than before when it was fairly constant. Doesn't seem to matter if it's good or bad stress either. You just have to learn to find you're own coping mechanism, I try to use mindfulness and a cocktail of rescue remedy to wash down the Imodium -ha ha. I'd like to think it's the herbs in the rescue remedy, but probably it's the brandy 😏 Great you use humour, so two fingers up to taboo subjects I say, I think coping alone and feeling embarrassed only increase the stress, so keep laughing about it if you can - whatever gets you through a right pain in the bum 😊

  • Love it! I have often laughed with my husband about some past horrible situations (like being in the middle of a strange city on a freezing cold day when I couldn't find a bathroom and I went screaming into a bowling alley, stripping off my outerwear and throwing it on the floor). Sometimes we can only laugh in retrospect, but you've nailed it that we have to laugh *before* it gets too stressful! It really helps! Love what you say to your co-workers! :)

  • Iv`e had that anal cramp thing! Talk about being butthurt, I know what people are talking about when they say something`s a pain in the arse!

  • It really is a pain in the butt!

    My family have always had a saying when some goes out, or holiday etc 'Don't forget to take a spare pair of pants in case you **** yourself!'

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