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New here

Hi *waves* 

I was diagnosed about a year ago after having several tests to rule out other issues. My diagnosis was pretty quick, I have a very understanding Dr who did alllll the tests resulting in an IBS diagnosis. I was given some Mebeverine and a few tips of what to avoid (hot drinks?!) While I can't fault the diagnosis process, I'm a little annoyed to have been sent on my way to just get on with it. So my question is: should I contact my Dr for some more advice? 

I've come to realise that my IBS is triggered by anxiety, stress & strong coffee. Other than that, I can't see a pattern except that it's after eating, usually at work (maybe I'm allergic to work ha) 

My main symptoms are bloating/ gas & tummy cramps & urgently needing the toilet. 

I'd like to say I'm quite active but I know my diet is quite bad at the moment so that needs clearing up but I try to follow the Slimming World plan (lots of fruit/ veg/ lean meat and pasta/rice).

Any tips/ pointers are gratefully received :)

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Avoid fibre


Try going gluten free and/or dairy free.  Read up on Fodmaps through Monash University website.  If you want to try it get the app it is easy to follow and is only around £7.  Good luck


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