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Spasms in abdomen

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with IBS-D. I've not had symptoms in the last 10 days but today have felt a weird spasming/twitching sensation in my lower abdomen on the left hand side (I'm female) which has continued for the past few hours. It is in the same place as my colon which I guess would make sense as this is a cause of IBS but I didn't think you could generally experience the spasms in this way? It feels just like a muscle twitch. I don't have any other symptoms e.g. pain/bloating right now. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and whether it is IBS related?

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It defo is a symptom of IBS. I suffer these gripping pains also. 

Have you tried Colpermin peppermint oil capsules. Your gp can prescribe or you can buy over the counter. Hope this helps.

Btw I use hot water bottle when I'm like this which eases pain. Give it a try. Good luck. 


Hi yes this is a symptom of IBS, I get this but no pain, I think it's just the irritation of the bowel, mine gets very loud sometimes, embarrassing to say the least. As Bartz says I also take Colpamin, does the trick for me.


Yes lower left side after 3 months in pain constant bloating aches and general all round discomfort now a niggling ache on my left side having a interview on phone tonight about my symptoms before I can get anything done .It is so frustrating tired all the while sick of diarear loss of appetite nausea in the mornings just hope it is down to ibs sorry not much help but hope your problem gets sorted soon meberivine don't seem to work for me just started down the pepper tea route .


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