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A long wait!

I have suffered from ibs since my teenage years, about 30 yrs now.  I only visit my gp now if I have a red flag symptom (blood) or a annual medicine review.  

saw a nurse for my review and asked again about fodmaps help and dietrician help as I an vegetarian and she referred me straight away!  There is a visiting dietrician that I saw yesterday after a two week wait, she is passing me on to a fodmap dietrician (at last)

So cross as I have been asking different gps for about 3 years now always fobbed off (no one here to help, long wait etc) quizzed the dietrician about this, she had been visiting for YEARS ! No mention of a dietrician on the surgery webpage!

So don,t give up asking for help, try the nurse and good luck we deserve better

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You can do  Fodmaps without a dietician by using the Monash app.  Easy to follow and self explanatory.  Even if you do have a dietician it could be helpful to get the app as it is Monash who developed the process and are still testing foods and updating the app regularly.  Also when you are shopping or eating out you have their food guide with you on the phone to double check everything.


You can do the diet without a Dietitian but it's not advised because it's so difficult. I tried last year after a GP refused to refer me. I did 3 months elimination then really struggled with reintroduction and was back to square one. Now doing it again under a Dietitian and confident I'll find the right intolerances this time. I've spent 12 yrs being passed from Pilar to post via different drs. They don't have a clue. I attended the IBS network conference a fortnight ago and they are setting up service users to go in to the med schools and describe the hard journey to junior drs/med students. So they take IBS Seriously. Hopefully that will help with referral in the future.



You sound just like me, struggled with reintroducing food. It seems like a lottery with getting help.

Are you in a group session or on your own? Seems you get a choice here (Somerset )

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I'm doing it alone. There's no groups set up in my area. Somerset is where Dietitian of the year Marianne is based. She was at the conference, is a trustee of the IBS network and lovely.


Thanks you just found her on the ibs network, sounds like we are lucky here in Somerset (if you can get referred)

Good luck


Good for you!!!!--for your determination and persistence!! I am happy for you...Good luck! :)

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