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One of those days

Hi guys and gals

To say I'm having one of those days is an understatement. My symptoms aren't that bad. Yet the whole thing is getting me down The fatigue pain and everything about my tummy/guts is getting me down. My so 0called friends have run a mile and just haven't been there at all over the last 4 years. All barring my wife don't want to talk about. I'm just feeling at rock bottom. Has anybody else experienced the cold shoulder from family and friends with regards there own issues.

I'm really sorry to sound so down I just don't know where to turn.


Lost and confused

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So sorry but unfortunately,  its one of those things people just dont

understand how much it can take over your life. They listen at first

and sympathise, but then move on, they dont realise you cannot move

on nothings changed for you. Lets face it,  its not a great topic of

conversation that people really care to discuss.  You sound to have

an understanding wife, so you are in that respect.   Having said that

I do understand your feelings, been there myself.

Take care.


I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm very fortunate that the friends and family I have in my life are very understanding, and even if they find it a squeamish subject they tend to be very supportive. There is an in joke between me and my very good friend who suffers with crohn's, about our constant scouting for a toilet when we are out together. The friends that did give me a hard time about it ('you need to go to the toilet again?!') are no longer in my life. There are people in this world who are kind, compassionate and genuinely want to support you, it's just about finding them. Please take care and take comfort in the fact that you have a supportive wife and you are not the only person going through this.


Yes I hear you loud and clear. People really do not understand what we have or why

we have it. We just need to take it one day at a time. Know that you are not alone.


I have had several friends disappear, also.  I have pain every day. Sometimes the medicines work and sometimes they don't work .  I really can sympathize with you.


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