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Meds with Lactose/Gluten in the ingredients

Just thought I would drop this out there as our GP has given us meds twice now that when you read the ingredients says they contain Lactose or Gluten. One of them was a fairly common anti depressant. 

This is even with the notes saying stating an intolerance. 

It might be worth checking existing or new meds are Gluten or Lactose free. 

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Hi I have the same problem, make sure your GP puts an alert on your records that you are intolerant. I have my Meds specially made up, most of mine are liquid form and lactose free, the only difference being liquid, is it is stronger. Have a chat with your GP, and ask for the special Meds. Hope you get it sorted, take care.x

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Hi please go on this website and search for the ingredients in the meds before or after seeing your doc they can only prescribe what your medicines are based on your symptoms whereas this site tells u everything its all the paitent leaflets in one basically hope this helps it helps as it does me loads x medicines.org.uk/emcmobile/ 

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I went to see my Pharmacist & I asked her could she check all my drugs & advise me accordingly of alternative drugs that are Lactose Free so I could ask my GP to change to the other Drugs. Even my Asthma inhaler needed to be changed too. One in particular was changed to a soluble form, which I couldn't take so I changed back. But that was only one.

I told my Consultant, that me being an organised person what I'd done & he agreed that it was a good idea. So my question is why didn't this idea come from him & not me!

So all you Folk out there it may be worthwhile suggesting this to to your GP/Pharmacist to see if it can help you. I know it was quite time consuming for my Pharmacist to do, but then she was very co-operative to me.


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