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Bad morning here too

Just thught id post to say iv had a crappy morning too. Woke at 330am with the runs then again at 6am. Iv had a couple days of work sick trying to cope with this latest flare up and told my boss id be back today but im sitting here dreading it i feel so rubbish i dont think i can stand to work in office when i feel like this. Iv now had 3 immodium. The first 2 at 330 obviously didnt work so im hoping this 3rd will do the trick but im now sitting with a belly ache. Ibs actually sucks i hate it 😔

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I can completely understand where you are coming from on this. I've been going through a rough flare for the last few weeks and can't seem to get over it either. Yesterday was especially rough as I too woke through the night with d at around 3am with stomach cramps and pains too and I knew I had to be up for work at 5am which panicked me a bit. I ended up taking some immodium and cocodamol to help with the d and the pain and sat with a cup of tea to try and ease my anxiety a little. It eased my symptoms for a few hours then I had to do it again when I was at work at few times. I hope you start feeling a bit better soon 😊


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