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So I managed to get a cancellation at the docs today and he advised that it seemed like I am suffering from ibs possibly wheat intolerance lead. He prescribed mebeverine and is sending me for blood tests to rule out coeliac disease which I'll go for next week. He's told me to avoid wheat once I've had the blood tests and see how I get on with the tablets. I don't suffer the symptoms every day but a couple of times a month for a few days at a time, so am I right in thinking only take the medication when I am having a "flare up" and avoid wheat in the meantime? He prescribed piritian for the itching.

Does that seem right to anyone here?

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Yeah - you don't need to take mebeverine routinely. It acts to relax the colon so it doesn't go crazy when you start to eat, which is why you should take it 20 minutes before meals.

I don't know what led your doctor to say it was possibly triggered by wheat intolerance but it's certainly a possibility. The low FODMAP diet excludes wheat because there are things in the wheat that can't be digested. You should keep on eating wheat until you've had your blood tests though so that the markers for coeliac disease (if present) are still high/detectable.

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Thanks for replying. He mentioned wheat allergy because I had kept a bit of a food diary and whole meal bread/pasta and brown rice were present around the time of each attack plus the itchy skin I think.

Does the mebeverine help with pain?


Mebeverine is an anti-spasmodic so it won't directly help with the pain but you'll probably find that by controlling the spasms the pain and other symptoms will subside. When I went on the low FODMAP diet to treat my IBS, pain was one of the things I noticed improved.



i take mebeverine 3 times a day. can help keep ibs under control. sometimes helps with pain but find buscopan better for pain relief. i had bad attack yesterday. paractmol,buscopan nothing helped much. possibly a bug which was made worse by being a ibs sufferer. iv stopped wheat this last month and a bit better for it.cutting down on tea to one a day. none if recent flare up. usually decaf suits me.

i follow a very low fibre diet and take normacol to make up for fibre from usual foods.

a food diary might help myou pinpoint ibs triggers for you.




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