I wake with teeth indents on my tongue and sickly pain pehind my eyes 😭

Hi, does anyone recognise these symptoms.

I feel heat at the base of my skull which travels around my head up and over my ears, my temples go hard and terrible pressure pain behind both eye's leading to migraines / constant daily headache. Dizzy 24/7.

I actually feel like the muscles on my skull are swelling and it's like dizy waves above my ears? Like I'm having a stroke 6/7 times an hr 😭

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  • BRdogs59...being a dentist can you tell me if this is familiar please. I'm at my whitsend with misdiagnosis 😭 my jaw hurts on the right and teeth don't close property

  • Find him on the members list and pm him in case he doesn't see this.

  • Thanx. New to this

  • Hi Pandora, yeah had loads of treatments gum shield, medication for migraine/ chronic headaches daily but can find no evidence of grinding or tooth erosion . Drink loads of water tried all manor of pain relief for eye pain nothing works. Can't help think this is related to my jaw. Seeing a jaw specialist in a couple of wks maybe get answers then. Kust wondered if it wad familiar to anyone . Thanks for reply.

  • Hi pandora I've had blood tests for everything and see a jaw specialist next wk so hopefully I'll get answers. Thyroid , hormones, iron. My jaw hurts 24/7 i do think it's TMJ. Will soon know thanx for reply.

  • Sounds like you are dehydrated to me or you could be clenching your teeth at night. You can get a guard for your teeth for a dentist if you are clenching them in your sleep.

    I'd ask your dentist about and try to drink more water.

  • Not dehydration have shields made but make it worse thanx though

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