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Saw the Dr about the Fatigue...


Had my appt. today and yes, my dr is extremely kind, supportive, and always takes his time... plus...he is willing to openly admit when there doesn't seem to be a 'real cure' for things... such as the fatigue that comes after a BM. When I told him I had found some exercises for the Vagus nerve (via Google) he said "Go for it...might as well give it a try and let me know if it helps.'

He ordered all the usual tests done...CBC, urine, and poop test... I hope all turn out well, because IT IS comforting and reassuring when they come back ok... and goodness knows, we can all use reassurance.

Right? Right!

I've had a better day than yesterday, but am worn out... just gonna veg out watching my TV comedy shows tonight. :)

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What is CBC?.

Complete blood count -

BettyA in reply to MaggieJemima

A Complete Blood Count ... a very extensive, thorough blood test.

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