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Bladder infections are they linked with IBS


My symptoms of IBS started around 2 years ago having had my first episode back in the early 90's which left me after. Couple of years. However what I am finding is my bladder is very sensitive and I keep wanting to go to the toilet all the time. I also keep getting tested for reoccurring bladder infections, although I don't feel particularly poorly I just get a strange odour from my water and need to go all the time. My stomache also swells however my bowels can be cleared with regular herbs to help soften my stools and keep me regular. Has anybody had bladder problems that have been linked to IBS or could this be something completely separate.

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Think my recurring cystitis is linked but not caused by IBS,temp change travel and silly rules about water on planes affect both plus stress

Yes me too - I believe that interstitial cystitis (inflammation of bladder) can also result from immune system type issues which ibs can be linked to from long periods of stress for example. These problems like to come together in numbers sadly - so if you aren't at the loo for one reason you are for another - great! I find it waxes and wains a bit like the ibs. Speak to your doctor though as the two together can be signs of other things . Best wishes x

IBS and bladder problems can be linked, especially if there is a psychological aspect to them. Both are under the control of the autonomic nervous system which can be affected by stress and anxiety. I know that before I suffered from IBS I had mild incontinence and my current thinking is that both illnesses are caused by stress and anxiety. As for the odour, is it possible this could be caused by the herbs you're taking to manage your IBS?

I have had three outbreaks of IBS in the last decade, each time following a bladder infection. It will be useful to see whether this is a widespread picture.


my ibs started with too frequent trips to urinate. then got bloated probs and then groin pains. could be anxious or bladder infection. have you tried increasing your water in take. infections can occur due to lack of water. at least 2 pints a day can include squash cordials.


Thank you all for your comments. I hav been to th GP today and he has recommended antibiotics to clear the infection and then to go on low dosage antibiotic for 3 months. I did explain that that I was trying to get my IBS under control and antibiotics can flare it up. His answer was its the only way you can clear an infection so the choice was mine but he advised not to leave an infection. It looks like antibiotics unfortunately!!! He did say that this can be caused by stress however I don't feel particularly stressed at the minute as I am in a good place in my life right now, however I have had stress prior to my flare up so maybe once it starts it's difficult to heal. I will continue going to my Chinese doctor as I feel this manages the situation and at least it's natural.

Thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing

I think it is more than just IBS. My bladder was scar-tissued to my uterus and has to be cut apart which messed up the lining of my bladder. We have protective linings insides most organs including intestines. I have always had UTI but now I have IC and natural at home remedies are the only cure for me as the quines the medical community treats IC and UTI with have gave me tendinitis, yeast infection and messed up the balance in my gut again. D-mannose works for me along with baking soda and water. Research those. My body gets too acidic, also, while having a flare and calcium glycerophosphate seems to help. There is a brand name. Histamine intolerance seems to be my issue and seems to be connected with IC, UTI, IBS and so much more. I am petite so my urethra tubes are not long and not far to travel for bacteria. Several petite ladies in our family have bladder issues including my daughter. It has been a journey. I feel your pain. Food allergies, IBD, IC, migraines. I cherish low inflammation days. Researched for years for myself, my girls who have already started showing numerous allergy inflammation issues. Gluten free, diary free, limited sugar and changing my diet has helped a lot. My body was crashing under the inflammation load and i had to find answers that were not another Rx. Child birth 22 years ago seemed to open a can of issues and I've been researching since.

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