Hi Guys, I have just come out of hospital, I have DVT. I also have awful (what I think) is an IBSd flare up whilst there and still, now I am home. Couldn't eat (literally) for several days (drank lots of water), Felt a little better yesterday, but the nausea is back with a vengeance. I have had this for so long, I should be used to it, but I could really do with someone who has these dreadful nausea and not wanting to eat symptoms, just reminding me that it's normal for us. Sorry to whinge, but I need a bit of a positive boost today guys. Thank you.

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  • Really sorry you feel so rotten. I no longer get the awful nausea (you know how IBS evolves over time), but I remember it well enough! Do you get any indigestion/heartburn too?

    If you had a lot of drugs in hospital they're probably responsible for the way you're feeling and they can take a few days to go through your system. I hope the DVT issue has been resolved at least.

    Hope you soon start to feel a bit better.


  • After an op I could not put anything in my mouth for nearly a week some and someone bought me some special food yoghurt from the pharmacy, which tho not that nice had all the necessary food vitamins in it..I didn't drink it all at once but sipped it during the day.. Think I was full of anaesthetic which takes a while to disperse.. After a few days the first thing I fancied was boiled rice with some tinned ratatouille .. I really enjoyed and then I could eat a bit after that .

    However I still balk at a full plate of food, and today I've been invited out to my granddaughters boyfriends parents, who cook lovely dinners but at Christmas I just had to leave half, which was a bit embarrassing, so today I'll ask for a child's portion. I do have problems eating and don't really feel Hungary that much so I now blend loads of a variety of vegetables each day which I enjoy as well as a little meat and fish etc

    I am waiting for a gallstone op ..not sure if this is the problem

    Take care, one step at a time

    Hather x

  • Thank you so much Hather, it's strange but it helps to feel not so alone when feeling so ill. I have been given little bottles of Fortesip, which sounds similar to what you were given. Not unpleasant, contains all required nutrients. I always have small portions on a general basis, the IBSd put paid to normal meals. You have my sympathy, eating out is a nightmare I know. You stick to your small portions, anyone who knows you will understand.

    Thank you so much for your reply, please let me know when you have had your op, good luck with that. I'm just hoping the blood thinners disperse this clot soon.

    Lots of luck Tansy-ann8

  • Thank you Rosie, I have had IBSd for years, but this is a double whammy really. I guess the anxiety of the DVT, and hospital via ambulance plus all that goes with it hasn't helped. I haven't had a flare up like this since 2007/8 and I lost well over 10% of my body weight. Yes, I have awful acid reflux (GORD), and take Rinitidene, so I suppose I should not be panicking really. Easy to say I know. Thank you so much, I have just said to a Hather, it help to know we are not alone. Tansy-ann8

  • I don't suggest you try this now as I realise you're stuffed up with other meds, but the best remedy I've ever found for acid (low or high), heartburn etc is Gastrazyme. I take 2 tabs immediately before eating and don't have any probs. It takes a few days to kick in initially, but once it does, it's all systems go. Ranitidine, Omeprazole etc never did me much good at all.

    Get plenty of rest and try not to worry - it'll pass eventually.


  • Thanks again Rosie, too poorly at the moment, but duly noted and very grateful.

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