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fodmap diet +symprove has eliminated problems

celiac,so don't eat gluten anyway.Also now diagnosed with ibs.Put on nhs dietitian low fodmap diet,fantastic results.She also suggesting taking Symprove,a very effective liquid probiotic{proven in tests to help ibs symptoms}have to take for 12 week period to work,persevere with this even if tummy doesnt like it initially,just lessen dose slightly at first.also expensive but worth it.

Tummy flat and comfortable daily,only flares up if Imistakenly eat the foods I shouldnt .Are meant to then rechallenge yourself with small amounts of fodmap foods to see which can and cant tolerate at which amounts.

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So glad you're feeling better, it's always good to get a positive post on here.

FODMAPs works for such a lot people - as it did for me when my problems started some 6 years' ago, it really lets you sort out your diet in a controlled way.

Over time I found some foods that, although low in FODs, still gave me issues, so don't be surprised if you have to do a bit of fine tuning in the future.

I also tried Symprove, which didn't make any difference to me, however, some people find it very effective so well worth a try.

Stay well,



Oh blimey, just asked a question about food intolerance testing.... Wondering if the god map would help me. Any chance of giving me some pointers as to where I could find the information???

Thank you



I've posted a reply to your food intolerance question pointing you towards FODMAPs.



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