Hi all. Chocolate, yes. I've just received Essy & Bella milk free chocolate. It's not too bad, but it's more like plain chocolate & not milk. This is also for Vegan diets & gluten free. The ones I received are 2 Lime & Sea salt, not tried yet, & 1 Honeycomb. Now here's the sting, £13.90 I/c P & P. That's for 3 100gms bars. There are different ones on the Yumbles site. Also hot chocolate too. Long shelf life, a year in fact.

So take a look if you want.

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  • Ouch!

    Thats certainly an expensive treat

  • You can buy dairy free chocolate from supermarkets in the 'free from' section

    Also the higher the cocoa in ordinary plain chocolate the less likely it is to contain dairy

  • Thanks for that as I didn't know about 'free from' section. Any particular supermarket as I can't say I've seen a 'free from' shelf.

  • If you live in the UK all the supermarkets have a 'free from' section - if you can't find it ask a member of staff

  • I found a recipe where you combine half cup cacao powder ( I used cocoa powder) half cup coconut oil, quarter cup maple syrup, one cup rice puffs, combine with a little salt and vanilla flavouring.then press into mould(IceCube tray OK) pop into freezer for half hour to set.

    I improvised making a small amount , certainly delicious!

    There are probably lots of recipes out there, you can experiment.

  • Thanks very much

  • Hi cricket queen, I went to asda last nite & asked for the 'free from' shelf & there it was! Mainly gluten free range. Did manage ro get lactose free foods too.......forgot to look for Chocolate as got other treats instead....will be back there & on the look out at other stores.


  • think my problem with chocolate is cocoa??? as I drink semi skim milk!!!

  • Hi I drink lacto free skimmed milk the semi skimmed is too creamy for me. The ALPRO yoghurts are nice especially the creamy vanilla ones on the 'free from' shelf.

    I'm staying clear of hot chocolate & coffee. ..even a latte as both don't agree with me.

    It's all a bit hit n miss really as to different reactions we all have.

    Good luck....The lime with sea salt choc is needless to say..salty.mm not one of my best ideas 😊

  • Hit n Miss, definitely!!!!!! onwards n upwards, thankyou Hobbies :)

  • Mmmmmm, think this sounded 'contradictive',,, lol,.

    Think I will go back to Lacto free milk!!!!!, as I been perusing my Fodmap diet book!!!!!

    Makes ya dizzy, sometimes ya canna eat, drink n sometimes ya can!!!!! Sooooo, I am going to be strict, from now on,,,,,,, wait n see :)

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