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IBS - stable but not cured. Don't know what else I could do

Hi all

I am a new member here and I was hoping if I can get people's opinion about my IBS situation.

I got diagnosed with IBS 3 years ago and gastritis. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I started to get all the bad side effects especially the bad stomach rumbles. I don't know if anyone has this as well but I started to get hair loss badly in the crown region. The gastritis went last year after I went on homeopathic medicines. which is great news. My homeo doc is working to fix the IBS but so far after a year, it's better then it was before but not fully cured.

For the IBS, I went on the fod map as prescribed by my doc and found out I can't have tea or coffee. My body seems to be ok with some junk food now and then but I know my limits and always opt for healthy foods. Probiotics doesn't seem to help. I was on the multi vitamin seven seas multibionta for six months but did I choose the right product?

What's odd is, no matter how natural my foods are, my IBS is not going any time soon. I did however find taking D Mix helps soo much. The flip side, it's expensive at £18 a bottle but better then taking medicines. I've been on it for over eight months. I stopped taking on the sixth month hoping my stomach would recover but it didn't.

Ive been taking actimel in the morning recently, bit concern about reading from others about the sugar levels but I hate the taste of yogurts.

Exercising has its problems too. I notice I get sick after the next day and I get a really high temperature. I am a fairly thin person and I weigh 10 stones. I did some reading and it might be down fibre levelsin my stomach but please do correct me if I am wrong.

Sorry if this post is really long but I wanted everyone to my IBS story what's worked and what hasn't. Any advise on where to go next would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know if IBS can be 'cured' but it can be 'managed'

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Hi there. Have you eve tried garlic and PARSLEY tablets 2 at breakfast.

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Thanks for the response. No I haven't tried it but I guess that will be next on my list.

I am also gonna have another try with a different flavour yougart.


Try lactose free yogurt it is the only sorti can have.

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