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I have Ibs and a hiatus hernia after being diagnosed a year ago it's got worse,bloating stomach aches,severe wind,acid occasionally heartburn,my stomach looks 9 months pregnant,most food s aggravate it,I eat a lot of sweets and cake as it's the only things that don't make it worse, I sweat a lot ,I also have back problems which I take a lot of painkillers, I can't get clothes to fit as if it fits my tummy it's massive everywhere else,please can u help.or advice greatly needed,doctors don't understand.

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Unfortunately if you take a lot of medications it can make your bloating and pain worse not better in theong term. Have you tried a proper elimination diet. HVe a look at FODMAPS on the MonAsh University website. You could start by just going gluten and lactose free for a week to see if thT makes a difference . If you want more info there is a lot of info on this site and I have posted a lot on FoDmaps so have a look at my responses to other people and see if there is anything which helps. good luck


Hi there, I have been where you are now, as Sashapet said lots of melds, what these do is muck up the flora I your stomach, I went on garlic and parsley tablets, 2 a day and a good probiotic.

Added to this is he sugar you are eating, probably causing more fermentation in your stomach. I have scrabbled egg for breakfast, a good homemade soup,for lunch and perhaps some rice bubbles (ricies breakfast cereal with Greek yoghurt) then my evening meal is cooked vegetables and maybe some fish. This is because meat is hard to digest and it gives your stomach time to recover. Wishing you well


Thanks for your replays guys.trouble with me is I'm a really fussy eater,and I'm not a veg person and one of the things I can't eat r eggs. I have just had a small dish of corn beef hash,which is ok,but now I feel like a house,every meal I have sits heavily on my stomach,the only meal that doesn't is spag Bol,which I wouldn't want everyday,I just feel fat and horrible,trouble is I want a quick fix and I don't think there is one.what probiotics could I try.


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