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IBS affected by heat?

So a few years ago I was taken to hospital for severe pain in my lower right abdomen, between my hip bone and my belly button. I also kept finding a lump that run from between my hip and belly button; it went downwards. I know that this is not a hernia, as I was checked for this a few years ago. This year I am having the same problem. It is causing a lot of pain and discomfort, but unfortunately painkillers do not work on me. Just knowing if this is a symptom of IBS caused by the hot weather would put my mind at ease. Thank you!

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I suggest you should see your GP before assuming anything, a lump should always be explored.

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Have you considered checking the 'quality' of your bowel movements. There is always the possibility this is over-dry waste matter failing in transit.

Find a website to find how the ideal movement should look. "Bristol Bowel Movement Chart" is the gold standard I believe. Try to achieve level 4 in texture.You could feel a million dollars by comparison.

Try adding eight glasses of fresh water a day to your drinking: you may find this a miracle cure...or at least an aid.

Kind thoughts and best wishes from another 'Lumpy-belly!


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