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Foods that stop IBS. And FODMAP

HI All. This may be good news - I hope it is

I have had IBSD for 6 years and its been daily hell as I am sure you all know. It got 80% better 6 months ago with the low FODMAP along with exercise, and a low fat and low caffeine diet. Oh, and peppermint tea. But I started noticing that certain foods seemed to improve the remaining symptoms. And, for me, the best thing to stop it is fresh red chilli. And possibly parsley. It is early days yet but in the past 2 weeks I have eaten chilli daily I have had many more IBS free days than I have had in the past 5 years - in fact 12 out of the last 14 days have been amazing!! It seems an overnight success.

So what do you think - is an IBS diet not just about excluding foods? Can it be about including certain foods too?

Any feedback or thoughts are very welcome. J

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Hi James, this is very interesting! I think we spend so much time thinking about what not to eat that sometimes we dont stop to think that there could also be things to eat that will help us. I hope things continue to work for you. If something helps then keep doing it.


I include foods depending on symptom,too much D then boiled eggs and bananas,too much C then figs and prunes for example none much advised by Fodmap.But if chilli then retire to loo with pile of books!


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