Lump/spasm in bowel?!

Hi all, so I'm currently.going through a stressful time and my ibs has flared up. This weekend I noticed a smooth egg sized lump in my abdomen after I twisted funny and had a sharp pain in my side. I went to the doctors thinking hernia but he said he thought it was probably muscular or my bowel spasming. Has anyone else had this in relation to ibs? He said I can have a scan if I want but wasn't overly worried. Problem is I also have health anxiety so I'm terrified its something like bowel cancer after the ibs symptoms and now finding a lump. I'm only just turned 30 so I know I'm not really in the usual risk group of being over 50 but I know it does happen to younger people. Xx

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  • It's been 2 years gemp54, how are you? Is the lump/spasm still there? :)

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