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Lump/spasm in bowel?!

Hi all, so I'm currently.going through a stressful time and my ibs has flared up. This weekend I noticed a smooth egg sized lump in my abdomen after I twisted funny and had a sharp pain in my side. I went to the doctors thinking hernia but he said he thought it was probably muscular or my bowel spasming. Has anyone else had this in relation to ibs? He said I can have a scan if I want but wasn't overly worried. Problem is I also have health anxiety so I'm terrified its something like bowel cancer after the ibs symptoms and now finding a lump. I'm only just turned 30 so I know I'm not really in the usual risk group of being over 50 but I know it does happen to younger people. Xx

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It's been 2 years gemp54, how are you? Is the lump/spasm still there? :)



Yeah it's still there. after writing this post I spent months and months pushing for loads of tests and in the end they came up with an odd conclusion....its my kidney! I'm slim but not hugely so and you can normally feel your kidney but it seems in some people the connective tissue that holds the kidney in place near the back cam become a bit weak and so it can drop down slightly meaning you can feel it. because its dropping into an odd place it means it can feel a bit uncomfortable as sometimes the tubes twist a bit. since I found that out though I pretty much forget about it 99.9% of the time. in the end the only way they noticed it is because they did an ultrasound scan lying down then kept it on my stomach as I stood up and they could see it dropping. they said otherwise they never would have noticed it (I'd already had 2 scans lying down and was told there was noting there. xx


At least you know now :) I'm here if you need to talk just give me a message x


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