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1 really sad and fed up I.b.s patient!

Hi everyone, I should be bouncing off the ceiling, I'm stressed out and moving on Thursday, luckily not too far! What stresses me out is doctors almost 2 years down the line after deciding to have children and nothing no support no help no nothing as I was assaulted at the age of 19 and unsupported then I find touch incredibly difficult, help! How do I get there at the age of nearly 42? I just can't stand my life no baby, a failure as a woman and baby clothes everywhere I go! Do I need a miracle? Yes I do. Help I've got everything else except the 1 thing I want!

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Hi there. I know it's hard but try to focus on the positives. You obviously have a man who loves you deeply, you have a roof over your head, you have life itself. Think of what you do have and what you don't have will come. In the mean time you could try alternative therapies. I've found doctors are next to useless when it comes to IBS. Have you tried some type of tranquiliser to calm you down when you are touched?

I know this may not be the best advice but sometimes just to know someone out there cares , can help.

All the best, hope the move goes well. Just remember moving is one of the top stressful times in a person's life. You will feel better once you have got through this week.


You need to have counselling - your GP practice should be able to help


Hi foxkennedy21, firstly thank you for your reply concerning the Fluoxetine.

IBS alone is enough to make us feel low. I also find my GP unhelpful, but I agree with the other posts that talking to a counsellor will be beneficial.

Hope the move goes well.


Hi, So sorry you feel bad but I do understand, over fifty years ago I was

in your position, but to be fair I was twenty five years younger. I was

told after many tests that I could not conceive, due to surgery when I

was fifteen years old. We decided to adopt and got a little girl who

has always been our pride and joy, she was fifty last month. I adored her

from the minute she became ours, true she was followed by a son and

another daughter, who are also very close to her even though they

are natural born children, makes no dfference. Any baby just needs love

everything else comes naturally. In due course, if its meant to be.


I too suffer from ibs and anxiety and depression, I do take prozak to help me with that , I cant imagine how I would be without it. its not a cure all but it does take the edge off. I also go to counseling. Hope you feel better!


Just re-read my post to you and realised it should read (15 years younger

than you) . Ive also just started taking amitriptyline for my ibs, Its early

days but there does seem to be an improvement. The snag is it makes me feel a little ( spaced out ) is the phrased used now to describe how I feel

in the mornings, but that is lessening over time. Im sleeping well because

of it and I was having very bad nights, Ill see how it goes a while longer.


You are not a failure. Life can be so tough sometimes. I had to wait a few years to fall pregnant, had lots of tests etc & was about to start IVF when it just happened. I didn't have IBS at the time & it was stressful enough. Deal with the move, then try to relax (easy to say I know). Try & stay positive. X


Hi foxkennedy21, hope the move went well and you are feeling better today. Take care :)


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