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Have had IBS mostly D for around 25 years. It seemed to start after the birth of my 2nd child at the age if 35 which was a stressful period as she was not a good sleeper. I then had a bad gastro upset when she was a year old and I feel that may have caused much of the damage. Menopause improved symptoms and discovered that the main problem seems to be eating too much in one go (as in dining out) I now try to eat smaller meals and graze through the day. I avoid red meat, fatty foods, milk and cheese, and try to buy sourdough bread which is fantastic. Always have organic plain yogurt with blueberries or porridge with water in the morning. Red wine is ok but no more than 1 glass. Eat mostly fish and chicken, limited fruit and veg and drink plenty of water. I go to zumba twice a week which really lifts my spirits and keeps me supple, and smiling! Going on holiday nearly always messes me up as I can't eat what I need so I get anxious and panicky, always searching for loos but my husband is so caring and helps me through thankfully. Talking openly about it with people you trust is a good idea. Hope this helps. You are probably all very loving and caring people I guess. Try to give yourself lots of love, you know what you need. Put yourself first x

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Great post. Thank you. I am also a fan of speaking openly about IBS. I know a lot of people hide it from their friends, families and employers. I'm glad I can be honest with folks as to how I am feeling.


I am dairy intolerant - IBS diagnosed at 65 - I got a translation from Google that I'm dairy intolerant in French and Italian, where we spend our holidays abroad, and find that restaurants are very accommodating. One chef in France wouldn't even let me have sorbet !!!

Restaurants here are also very good

Here is the link for the 'I can't wait' card and RADAR key what ch opens any disabled toilet in the UK




Thanks for that! Have you used the I Cant Wait card yet? Just wonder If staff in shops etc are aware of these generally?


I haven't had to use the I Can't Wait card yet as I try to make sure that I go to the toilet on a regular basis and always before making a long journey. I have used my RADAR key often though especially on railway stations


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